Raw & Bold Exclusivz is the brand of cousins Roycha' Richard and Briana Augustus. The idea to start a sleepwear line came about after one of our many conversations about wanting to feel sexy, but finding it hard to find the perfect sleepwear that wasn't too expensive.

The biggest issue we had in common was finding sleepwear that didn't accentuate our problem areas and if it did, that there were things about the item that still made us feel sexy in it.

After what seemed like hours of scrolling through popular sites and lots of brainstorming, R&B Exclusivz was born.The name came after playing with our initials and finding words that fit our personalities.

Roycha' is known for being raw and cutting edge. Briana is known for being bold and confident. Thus R&B, Raw & Bold or Roycha & Briana Exclusivz came into fruition.

As a brand, we are committed to helping our customers find one of a kind pieces that make them feel beautiful and sexy. We will always remain as inclusive as possible and continue the conversation of being confident and sexy at any size.

Our mission is to forever remind our beautiez that if they do nothing else they should always remember to Be Raw, Be Bold and Be Exclusiv.